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  • Wollongong E commerce web design

Web Design

People are surprised by the amount of products that Wollongong Waterproofing and Industrial Supplies stock.  Love My Online Marketing has created an online presence on an easy to use platform, where products can be continuously be added by Wollongong Waterproofing themselves.

The searcher can not only view the vast product range they can also select the items they are interested in and request quote.

Now with a decent web presence Wollongong Waterproofing and Industrial Supplies are running a Google Adwords campaign alongside SEO.

What is SEO and what is PPC?

SEO.  Google is always changing the goal posts and how it ranks websites organically.  Love My Online Marketing’s clients see this as a reoccurring ongoing monthly fee for having a website.  The team at Love My Online Marketing dedicate hours appropriately and work monthly, strategically on software to give the best rankings.  Unfortunately changes don’t take effect straight away that is why this is seen as an a long term objective.

Google PPC adverts.  When someone goes to Google they are searching for something specifically.  It is what marketers call demand fulfilment, the person already has a need.  Love My Online Marketing sets up campaigns, paying google for relevant keywords to come to the top of those searches as a paid advert.  Google is great for closing the sales. Love My Online Marketing offers strategy and management of paid adverts.

Love My Online Marketing has online solutions for businesses of all sizes call Melody on 0417 279 428 to discuss your goals.


  • Client Wollongong Waterproofing
  • Date September 20, 2016
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