Melody Jaimon

Managing Director

Web Designer, Copywriter, SEO Strategist, Google Adwords – PPC Campaign Manager and Online Marketer.

Melody Jaimon, Online Marketing, Wollongong SEO, Website Design Wollongong, Online Marketer Wollongong
After working in advertising for 10 years I decided due to my own personal circumstances and passion to resign and concentrate my time on the creation of an early intervention program, The Flashcards.

The Flashcards ( is now a successful early intervention program that is purchased online and helping many children.

With a limited marketing budget I could not afford to spend money getting assistance. I retrained to learn effective online marketing strategies, which includes not only web design and development but also techiques to gain exposure on Google.

Through word of mouth I was approached by other businesses needing assistance also with the online world. This has now evolved with the creation of Love My Online Marketing.

I now lead a team of innovative and hardworking individual’s, collectively we help other businesses with websites and search engine optimisation. The focus is generating businesses online leads through Google.

Service is important so you will deal with me personally and I guarantee you will not find more affordable or better quality products or packages.

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