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  • Custom Website Design Wollongong
  • Custom Website Design Wollongong

Website Development and SEO

First impression online lasts

That’s why having a great website design that is user friendly helps make any business profitable.

Nex level Fitness is a 24 hour fitness, Rouse Hill Gym with the launch of a new Gym in Dural in the very near future.  They contacted Love My ONline Marketing to assist is getting the previous website indexed with Google and ranking for relevant searches such as strength training, weight training and personal training .  Unfortunately the website, not only was not cosmetically appealing and clean it was built on a template through a large web company which Google had trouble indexing.

Love My Online Marketing emphasises the significance of having a website powered by WordPress for several reasons.

Powered by WordPress

With an intuitive interface, having a WordPress website design makes it easy to use. Time spent on formatting is reduced significantly. Search engines can easily read and index the site and easy to use plugins can be installed to assist with SEO.   Aside from being SEO-friendly, modern WordPress websites support a responsive design which is crucial in today’s online ranking.

Lastly, these websites are scale able which means your site grows as the business flourishes.

Obviously just having a website isn’t enough and you need it to be ranking well in Google to drive business to you.  This can be achieved by using on-going SEO services. Results are generally seen within 2 – 6 months.

For any Wollongong WordPress Design or Development locally, or if you are from afar and simply want the best for you or the business call Melody on 0417 279428.



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