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Laser Cutting Sydney company Hygrade Laser Profiling have been providing Sydney Laser Cutting services since 1989.  Investing in machining and technology they are able to provide other services under the one roof such as rotary laser cutting, metal bending, welding and mass finishing.

Hygrade along with other Sydney businesses realise organic search traffic remains the most necessary growth channel for their business because the people searching for industry or product-related keywords are in the market, and ready to buy, right now. They don’t need to be “warmed up”… they just need to solve their problem, or find the product.

This is why Adwords remains the primary digital marketing channel in 2018, with a projected $32 Billion​ in revenue just from its search products alone.  Advertisers realise it’s the most valuable traffic source which is why the average cost per click with Adwords is usually pretty restrictive.

This is why ranking your site organically is so valuable.​ Earning your spot on at the top of Google’s results pages for the keywords that matter is usually the defining moment that everything changed, for most businesses who “make it” online because you’re tapping into the world’s most effective growth channel, ever.

SEO and getting businesses to the top of Google searches

Wollongong SEO Company

I work with businesses all over Australia providing successful SEO campaigns and they all have something in common, quality content and quality links.

At the end of the day, Google is just a fancy content indexing service. Its users are looking for content, and their job is to find relevant, high-quality content for its users.

No content is outsourced.  All content is created, written and posted in house by me, Melody. Outsourcing SEO services to overseas is a mistake businesses are making as these freelancers tend to be based in India and the content published online on behalf of businesses can actually do more damage then good, I have businesses come to me that have really bad links and content that cannot be removed as a direct result of this.

For either the best website design for your business or SEO services call Melody 0417 279 428.

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