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Blacktown Website Design and SEO

Wollongong Web Development, Love My Online Marketing creates the best websites for businesses across Sydney, Canberra, Nowra and Wollongong.

If you know what SEO (“Search Engine Optimisation”) is, then you know it’s one of the main lifeblood to your website.

The best SEO company in Wollongong knows SEO is something that has to be built into a Web platform from the ground up, and that it covers every aspect of site design, from Page load time and speed to HTML structure, avoiding duplicate content, and so on, that is why a business needs to invest into the best web development and the best website platform to get to the top of google searches.

Businesses in Sydney are more advanced online then Wollongong and therefore some have engaged in SEO services that are now outdated and are damaging site rankings such as duplicate content and content that makes no sense to the end user but has keywords stuffed into the content to try to get better rankings.

Google’s algorithms know authentic content when they see it, so content for SEO needs to be smart and engaging as well as backed up with strong, clean web design.

For the best website design for your business or SEO services call Melody on 0417 279 428.




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  • Date April 30, 2018
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